New public service announcements in Colorado aim to keep people’s attention on using marijuana and marijuana-related products safely and responsibly.

The Marijuana Industry Group (MIG), a trade association representing marijuana businesses, is backing the campaign. MIG touts itself as the oldest and largest trade association for legal and licensed cannabis businesses.

The campaign seeks to make people aware they need to take precautionary measures when using cannabis to ensure the safety of themselves and others.

“By design, this campaign is stark and serious, because public safety is serious. Government agencies shouldn’t be alone in encouraging good decision-making. It’s important that people know that the industry also cares about our communities,” MIG interim executive director Kristi Kelly said in a prepared statement.

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The messages

The new announcements focus on responsible use of cannabis at a time when the state is entering its third year of legalized recreational marijuana.

The rewards have been numerous. The cannabis industry had created more than 18,000 jobs in the Rocky Mountain State and revitalized the commercial real estate industry.  The latter because marijuana businesses need space to grow and store cannabis and can only do so in designated commercial zones.

However, the state also has been watched for negative effects. Studies have been funded by the state to determine the effects of marijuana on driving, among other issues. They government also has made an effort to educate people on responsible marijuana use, particularly with keeping cannabis out of the hands of children.

The public services announcements are as follows. The primary focus is on safe driving, keeping cannabis from children and partaking of a safe amount of cannabis.

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All include the some form of the phrase “please consume responsibly.”

  • “It’s 4:20 somewhere. Start low. Go slow. Please consume responsibly.”
  •  “Lock it up. Keep it from your curious kids. Please consume your cannabis responsibly.”
  • “If you’re gonna dab, take a cab. Please consume responsibly.”
  • “Welcome to Colorado, the world’s first legal cannabis market. Please consume responsibly.”

The advertisements will run in “cannabis-specific” print and online publications. Members of the trade association also will run similar messages on their individual social media channels.

In addition to the PSA campaign, MIG also has a seat on the Colorado Task Force for Drunk and Impaired Driving. They also work with the state on providing input on government campaigns on making the public aware of safe practices when using cannabis.

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Marijuana Industry Launches Colorado Campaign on Safe Cannabis Use