“The key to a good handshake is not how hard you hold the hand. Women like to be feminine. Some men like to be soft, so they don’t hurt a woman’s hand, etc. The key is to have the skin between your thumb and your forefinger connect with the other person’s skin between their thumb and forefinger. And, let me tell you something, this connection of that skin, it’s the most reliable harbinger and heads-up on how honest someone is.”

When I do a handshake and the person whose hand I’m shaking doesn’t connect — they squeeze hard, squeeze soft or whatever — but if they don’t connect, I don’t trust the person. After all the years I’ve been in business, I’ve never seen an exception. When someone doesn’t connect that skin, you cannot trust them. Squeezing, even squeezing a little hard is good, but it’s nothing without the small, key piece of skin.”

A perhaps interesting and certainly timely aside: Corcoran showed me how she says Donald Trump shakes hands, and I have to say that she gave me a very limp paw, no grip and zero of the skin connection she feels is critical. “There’s no trust in that kind of shake,” she quipped, laughing, “and that’s a president?”

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4 ‘Shark Tank’ Stars on How to Shake Hands Like You Mean Business