Every entrepreneur can tell you about the satisfaction of running their own business and the pride in producing their own products. Nowhere is the American Dream more fully realized than in small business or investment success.

That said, there’s something those who have never tried entrepreneurship do not understand: investing in a business is very, very difficult. Why two “verys”? Because success requires a perfectly mixed cocktail of smarts, talent, timing and more than a dash of luck.

Some people find this out the hard way. And when you are a celebrity, everyone knows about it.

Sometimes its ego, sometimes its bad management and sometimes they simply leapt without even so much as a glance. But celebrities, high profile by nature, have made many high-profile business investments that end in epic flameouts. Like the examples below.

Take these as you will. Some might see them as cautionary tales. Others, looking at the overall success of many of these people, might see them as proof that even big mistakes can be overcome.

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15 Celebrities Who Had Epic Fails as Entrepreneurs