From haunted house startups to alternative recycling technology, Entrepreneur.com editors listened to a number of 60-second business pitches at this year’s Propeller Fest tech meetup. Check out this finalist who made it to the top ten. 

Nicole Kelner is the COO of The Coding Space, a New York after-school program where students learn to code and develop critical thinking skills.

In her pitch to former Senior Writer Cat Clifford, Kelner explains how her startup seeks to fill the void of computer science opportunities for students ages seven to 17 — specifically young women.

Having worked in tech in San Francisco previously, Kelner became well versed in the industry but would constantly find that she was the only woman in the room. With The Coding Space, she says she hopes to change that.

Play the video above to watch Kelner’s full pitch and learn more about the education startup.


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