Richard Branson famously sold Christmas trees and magazines in his teen years before founding the Virgin Group and making his billions. Elon Musk coded his own video game at age 12. Warren Buffett peddled chewing gum door to door when he was only 6.

Everyone has to start somewhere.

Last Thursday, a Twitter user named @mariancall asked her followers, “What were your first seven jobs?” She was soon inundated with mentions, as several celebrities, from Buzz Aldrin to Stephen Colbert, shared their first gigs. Aldrin, one of the first two men to set foot on the moon, started as a dishwasher. Colbert, who’s hosted two eponymous talk shows, was once a busboy and even a futon salesman. Many business executives and entrepreneurs also tweeted their career trajectories.

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If you dream of wild success but are slogging away to save up in the interim, let the early resumes of these founders and CEOs inspire you.


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Business Leaders Reveal Their #FirstSevenJobs on Twitter