Thank you for your interest in The Enterprise Academy, we are so glad you are here. Why? Because you, like us, are interested in starting and growing your own business something we have been doing for many years. You see, we’re both really interested in making a life for ourselves that gives us freedom to make our dreams come true; we both really need to create business ideas and then to work hard at promoting our ideas to those interested in our products and services.

What we do is to create and deploy simple and useful learning and a range of tools that will help you turn that germ of a business idea into reality. Then, to use that learning and those tools and techniques to help you get online traffic, generate business leads and then get sales.

The Enterprise Academy provides you with a range of courses to help you move through the various stages of business development. We show you how to use the web and Social Media because like you we are people focussed and we both run people businesses. For the moment keep reading to find out how we got to where we are now and also where we’re both going in the future.

If you’re like us then entrepreneurship is in your blood as we come from a long line of entrepreneurs going back to the 1800’s – Yes, that far! So, it was not unusual when we started our own businesses and started to help others to do the same.

Of course things were very different when we started. There were no mobile phones, no World Wide Web, no Social Media and no email. We used direct mail (mailshots) and business directories and we had TV, radio and newspapers and the expense that went with all of that. Haven’t thing changed? And we’ve changed as well.

We started out helping businesses startup back in the 1980’s running regular monthly workshops that in a day would signpost entrepreneurs to the best way of getting their business off the ground. As news spread we appeared regularly on radio, TV and had regular columns in some of the newspapers. This lead to work as advisers to both the UK and US Governments on implementing measures to create the right type of environment for new businesses to flourish. More radio, TV and the press followed.

Bringing things up to date we now do most of this work online and have taken concepts learned from our years of working with small to medium sized enterprises into our Virtual Learning Environment so that anyone, anywhere and at any time can benefit from our expertise.

To Your Success!