Was Ford smoking tailpipe exhaust when it came up with this bright idea? The automaker’s ad folks in India might’ve been. They thought it’d be swell to depict three busty women gagged and hogtied in the trunk of one of its compact Figo cars.

The gist seemed to be, “Sure, it’s a small car, but not too small to kidnap and torture women in.” So what if the captives look a tad miffed? They’re gonna love this fancy, new set of wheels, apparently driven by former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, and they’re gonna love being his sex slaves.

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Uh, nope, we don’t get the joke either. And we were never supposed to. That’s because, Ford lamely claimed, the ad was never supposed to rear its absolutely terrifyingly rape-culture-promoting head. But it did when JWT India, oopsie, published it online without corporate approval. The woman-hating image may be gone from the ad agency’s website, but the internet never forgets.  


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